Friday, 5 November 2010

Things I wish I'd known when I was 16...

This is a bit different - my week has involved quite a bit of shouting about various things in my life so I'm not really in the mood for political ranting... However there's a topic that's currently trending on twitter - #tweetyour16yearoldself - and reading other people's thoughts all day has made me think a lot about what exactly I would say if I had just a few minutes with myself at 16.  I remember that, at 16, I really felt like I'd lived a lot of my life already and that my path was already fixed,  I couldn't have been more wrong if I'd tried - in reality it was the point at which I started becoming the person I am today. 

So please step into my DeLorean - we're off back to 2001...

Dear Claire-at-sixteen,

1. It doesn't matter what all those people thought of you in school, in less than ten years time half of them will still be stuck in Wrexham doing exactly the same things with their lives. You, on the other hand, will have escaped - just as you always planned.

2. Stop wasting your time being insecure about your looks - you're not Kate Moss but that's ok because she's a drug taking model! And for god's sake stop worrying about being fat - you never have been and, if you're sensible, you probably never will be. So relax and enjoy that sausage and egg bap - Shelly's will close next year and you might as well enjoy them whilst you can.

3. You like rock music right? Listen to more of it! Buy more CDs and listen to John Peel on Radio 1 whilst you still can.

4. Stop being cynical about relationships - one day you'll work out why they're worth all the hassle. Also, when you get your heart broken just remember it's not the end of the world, it's just another bump in the road.

5. Don't cry when you don't get into Oxford - you'll get into a university which is just as good and you'll have the time of your life when you get there.

6. Driving is much harder than you imagined and it'll take you ages to learn but don't let that get you down - when you do pass your test (and you will!) it'll be terrifying at first but absolutely worth the wait.

7. All the quirks in your personality and all the geeky things you're interested in are the things that make you unique. Don't pretend to be someone else just to fit in - the people who are worth knowing will love you for who you are.

8. Your sister may be annoying now but she'll grow up to be an awesome person and one of your best friends. You both just need to grow up first...

9. Your friends and family are really important. Life is tough sometimes and you've got a lot of that still to come but you'll get through it because you've got fabulous people around you. Don't forget to be there for them when they need you.

10. And finally, smile and be happy. It will all work out for the best, just savour every moment.

Love from your twenty-five year old self  - trust me, it's really not that old once you're here!

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  1. Brilliant. It would be so good to go back and spend maybe just 5 minutes advising one's future self. I used to love John Peel, missed him for a long while, not to mention his few tv commitments on Glasto. Actually a lot of what you have written here, whilst mostly personal, could be applied to many people at sixteen...