Wednesday, 2 March 2011

30 Day Music Challenge: Day Two

Goodness, two posts in two days - let's see how long I can keep this up! I am quite enjoying this music challenge idea although if you're expecting superior critical analysis and musical taste this list probably isn't the one for you... Anyway, here goes:

Day Two: A Song You Hate
This was much easier to choose a song for than yesterday's challenge - although hate is a word I tend not to use that much when I'm talking about music. I'm not particularly a musical snob - I like a bit of Lady GaGa as much as the next person - and generally will listen to anything once. There are genres of music I'm not that fond of - I've never been a dance music girl and I'm not really clever enough to understand classical music - but it's pretty rare that even the autotuned rubbish that Radio 1 seems to play these days actually stirs me to seething hatred. Having said all that I knew which song I would choose for this question almost as soon as I saw the list - Everyday I Love You Less and Less by The Kaiser Chiefs.

It's odd because generally I quite like the Kaiser Chiefs - they write relatively bouncy northern songs and whilst I was at university they were probably one of my favourite bands. I also used to have a small soft spot for Ricky Wilson after seeing him on Shooting Stars. I haven't listened to much of their stuff in years however I do still have Employment on my ipod so occasionally this song will turn up on shuffle at which juncture I'll press skip as fast as I can... On the surface it's not that offensive, just chirpy lyrics about some bird he doesn't fancy anymore, but every time I listen to the words I want to punch the bastard in the face. I'm not sure whether I'm projecting - I was once in a relationship where the guy I was with found it very difficult to hide his contempt for me which automatically puts me on the side of the girl who is being sung about! However I'm sure I disliked the song before that - I simply don't understand why people continue relationships when they're making one another miserable, let alone why you'd write a pop song about it...

"Everyday I love you less and less
I can't believe once you and me did sex
It makes me sick to think of you undressed
Since everyday I love you less and less
And everyday I love you less and less
You're turning into something I detest
And everybody says that your a mess
Since everyday I love you less and less"

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  1. The Kaiser Chiefs are over rated by my reckoning.
    James liked "I predict a riot" and "Ruby" so I have listened to those songs to death but the fact a 3-4 year old (at the time) likes them says all you need to know!
    Oddly my favourite Paramore song is their cover of "Loves not a competition" a Kaiser Chiefs cover they did many years ago on the Radio 1 live lounge.